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Brown Torpedo Rolls

Soft Rolls

This enriched dough produces a soft roll with great eating and good shelf life. Supplied wrapped keeping the product fresh and wastage to a minimum.

Bridge Rolls
White Soft Round Roll
White Long Roll
White Bap
White Jumbo Roll
White Cheese Top Roll
Large White Bap
Large White Knot
Cottage Roll
White Vienna Roll
White Torpedo
Seedless Torpedo
Extra Large White Bap
Plain Windmill
Sesame Seed Windmill
Brown Bridge Roll
Brown Roll
Brown Bap
Large Brown Bap
Brown Knot
Brown Vienna Roll
Brown Torpedo
Brown Windmill
Harvester Bridge Roll
Harvester Roll
Harvester Bap
Large Harvester Bap
Harvester Vienna

Harvester Torpedo

Sesame Seed Torpedo
Cheese Top Baps
White Baps
Harvester Rolls
White Cottage Rolls
Large Brown Bap
White Long Rolls

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