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Cinnamon Whirl

Morning Goods

A mouth watering array of doughnuts, Danish pastries, buns, scones and savouries delivered fresh daily,

Jam Doughnuts
Apple Doughnuts
Custard Doughnuts
Iced Ring Doughnuts
Chocolate Ring Doughnuts
Long Iced Bun
Swiss Split
Round Iced Bun
Chelsea Bun
Tea Cake
Fruit Bun
Fruit Scone
Cherry Scone
Danish Pastry Cinnamon Whirl
Danish Pastry Maple & Pecan
Danish Custard & Raspberry
Danish Pastry Apple
Danish Pastry Cherry
Apple Turnover
Eccles Cake
Cherry Turnover
Traditional Pasty
Sausage Roll
Large Sausage Roll
Cheese & Onion Pasty
Steak Slice
Chilli Beef Slice
Vegetable Slice

Hot Cross Buns
Eccles Cake and Apple Turnover
Iced and Chocolate Ring Doughnuts
England Doughnut
Vegetable and Chilli Beef Slice
Fruit Scone
Traditional Pasty

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