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Crusty Rolls

Baguettes & Crusty Rolls

The art of a good crusty roll and baguette is the injection of steam into the oven as you load. This glazes the product with water gelatinising the starch on the surface. After a period of time the steam is let out and the products finish baking in the dry. The end product has a biscuity crust and a nice shine.

Crusty Rolls

Crusty Rolls

Large Crusty Stick

Large French Baguette

French Baguette

Mini Baguettes

Sesame Mini Baguette

Maw Seed Mini Baguette

Crusty Continental Roll - Poppy Seed

Crusty Continental Roll - Sesame Seed

Brown Continental Roll

Mini Brown Baguettes

Brown Stick

Mini Baguettes
Large French Baguettes
Sesame Seed Mini Baguettes
Poppy Seed Continental Roll
Sesame Seed Continental Rolls
Half Baguette
Poppy Seed Mini Baguette

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